Release Notes

Virtual TimeClock 5.3

October 30, 2006
Note: This release has reached End Of Life

Supported Operating Systems

Basic & Pro

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Data Backup

  • Easily perform manual data backups anytime.
  • Schedule an unattended weekly, weekday, or weekend backup time.
  • Schedule an unattended repeating backup interval with no timeclock down time.
  • Data backup is very fast -- usually taking only a few seconds.
  • Backup files are compressed to approximately 1/10 the original file size!

Data Restore

  • Restoring data is a very simple process requiring almost no technical skills.
  • Data restore is very fast -- usually taking only a few seconds.
  • The restore process provides fast and easy recovery after computer theft or hardware failure.
  • Using backup and restore makes it easy to move Virtual TimeClock to another computer.

Improved User Experience

  • Reports again display weekly subtotals properly when no hours are worked.
  • Messaging once again fully respects the security access settings.
  • Contextual menus now enforce the Preferences settings for access to Messaging.
  • Nearly 2 dozen cosmetic improvements for a more consistent user experience.