Release Notes

Virtual TimeClock 5.2

June 30, 2006
Note: This release has reached End Of Life

Supported Operating Systems

Basic & Pro

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  • Dramatically improved support for Windows network printers.
  • New support for printing any page range within reports.
  • Custom report names are now displayed as the report title.
  • Several cosmetic issues in report layouts have been remedied.
  • Windows printing no longer crashes the timeclock in low memory situations.

User Experience

  • New contextual TimeClock menus simplify and centralize worker activities.
  • Displaying workers as 'First Last' now sorts by first name.
  • Improved sorting and display for custom column sorting.
  • Custom column sorting is now maintained with TimeClock updates.
  • Creating manual entries simplified for multiple entries.
  • Dozens of user interface enhancements.

Accrued and Used Leave

  • Option to calculate leave accrual with or without including overtime hours.
  • Leave accrual rates/balances now supported up to 6 places right of the decimal.
  • New Leave administration control panel management.
  • New YTD Regular and Overtime hours on reports.
  • Invalid accrual rates are now reported.


  • New support for multiple network interfaces.
  • New server start and stop function from the Server Status Window.
  • New client connections are approximately 3X faster.
  • Remote client 'Connect To Server' now uses last saved connection settings.
  • TimeClock server now self recovers from random network errors.
  • TimeClock server now authenticates connecting client version.
  • Orphaned client connections are automatically dropped.


  • User passwords can now be viewed as clear text or bullets.
  • Enhanced password authentication and overall program security.


  • Now supports 2 Year Maintenance & Support license keys.
  • Enhanced help and assistance when entering license keys.
  • All new user feedback and help when running under an evaluation license.
  • Clients can now switch between wired & wireless connections using one license.

International Support

  • Accented characters now supported for workers, company names and data files.
  • Licenses now support accented characters within the company name and address.
  • New support for 24 hour clocks in all time fields.


  • Creating a new data file no longer allows illegal characters in the file name.
  • Improved self diagnosis, error checking, and error fixing on program launch.
  • Improved exporting of data from client TimeClock computers.
  • Enhanced program error and event logging.
  • Date and Time field Up/Down arrows all work consistently.
  • New support for running under Mac OS 10.4 Simple Finder.