Release Notes

Virtual TimeClock 5

December 30, 2004
Note: This release has reached End Of Life

Supported Operating Systems

Basic & Pro

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All New Zero Configuration Client-Server Networking

  • Completely automatic - Almost no networking knowledge required.
  • No shared and mounted data volumes (TCP/IP based).
  • Security! Data cannot be moved or trashed by network users.
  • Dramatically reduced network traffic means improved performance.

New Timecard Report Writer

  • Create, modify, and save an unlimited number of reports.
  • Modify margins, fonts, text size, and report details.
  • Print timecards for all workers, selected workers, or departments.
  • Optional task and leave summaries on timecards.
  • Worker signature option for timecards.
  • New centralized Reports menu with print preview.
  • New printing system supports much wider range of printers.
  • Print preview option for all reports.

Enhanced & Simplified Timecard Management

  • All new Entry Editor for adding, modifying and deleting entries.
  • Immediately see and review completed leave or manual entries.
  • New Private Tasks for management use in manual entries.
  • Intuitive new menus and toolbars simplify timecard management.

New Remote Clock Time Stamp Option

  • Remote time stamps solve computer clock security concerns.
  • Guarantees consistency in time stamps for all users.
  • New Administration Disabling Option.
  • Hide administration and editing menus and toolbars.
  • Settings configurable for each TimeClock computer.

New TimeClock Views

  • Display all workers, selected workers or selected departments.
  • Display can be configured for each TimeClock computer.
  • Display worker names by first and last name or last name first.
  • Dramatic improvement in worker list scrolling for large companies.
  • Mouse wheel scrolling support for worker TimeClock lists.

New 'One Step' Client Registration

  • Register all clients with one serial number entry at the server.
  • Add and/or upgrade all licenses in under a minute.

New 1/10 hour (6 minute) time rounding option

  • Options to calculate time worked to the minute, tenth, or quarter hour.

Enhanced Vacation and Leave tracking

  • Leave accrual can now be based on individual worker hire date.
  • New Personal Time leave category.

Enhanced File System Management Eases Program Use

  • Data file locations are now completely managed by the program.
  • Opening data files shows all companies with last usage date.
  • New file system simplifies backup, updates, and changing computers.