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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - July 2015

We at Redcort Software really enjoy talking and interacting with our customers. Not only do we gain valuable insight into your unique business needs, but we also get to hear and help answer great questions about Virtual TimeClock and its many features. For every call or email we receive, we know there are other Virtual TimeClock users who'd like the satisfaction of resolving a question for themselves. So read on to discover the resources that answer the most popular questions we've received so far this year.

How do I change the way my time clock program looks and behaves?
One of the more powerful features in Virtual TimeClock for managing employees, especially with the Network Edition, is Display Groups. From a birds-eye view, Display Groups manage your time clock users by creating a way for administrators to group them into logical categories, like store locations or departments. You can then set custom rules for each Display Group to determine how those users interact with the time clock program. For example, would you like to change the way a group of employees clocks in, like using a PIN interface on a touchscreen? Or perhaps you need to add or remove employee or manager access to certain program functions, like adding leave entries? Display Groups provide the answers to these common questions.
Quick Tip:
Read all about the different time clock program interfaces here and how to change manager access here.

How do I approve payroll and close the period?
One of the most important actions an administrator can take to maintain their time clock program is to approve employee hours and close the period. Doing this simple act will keep the dates of your timecard reports in sync with the current payroll period. It will also help you keep current with personnel changes since the most common reason for not being able to close the payroll period is because an employee’s status was made "Inactive" before their hours were signed off.
Quick Tip:
The steps to completely close out the payroll period, including how to set up payroll integration, can be found in our Payroll Approval Guide.

How do I change the way my employee timecards look?
Virtual TimeClock’s built-in Report Writer has dozens of options for creating and customizing reports. Would you like to see employee wages on your timecards? Or perhaps you want to see total hours displayed in actual hours and minutes instead of decimal hours? These are just some of the options available for customizing employee timecards. In addition to changing the way your timecards look, you can email or archive any report by saving it as a PDF file.
Quick Tip:
Here's an article on some powerful features of the Report Writer and different ways to use the report data.

We hope this newsletter is helpful for both new users who might just be getting started using Virtual TimeClock and need a little boost in the right direction, and seasoned veterans who may just need a quick reminder of some of the extra things their time clock program can do.