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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - March 2015

Collecting employee timecards at the end of a pay cycle can be a time consuming process, especially when you're trying to track down staff still needing to approve their hours. The new Payroll Approval system built into Virtual TimeClock 15 eliminates these payroll hassles by making it super easy for employees and managers to electronically approve their timecards.

Electronic Approval Overview
Electronic timecard approval allows hourly workers to approve their regular, overtime, and leave hours, and salaried workers to approve any paid leave hours for the payroll period, without having to print out and sign a hardcopy of their timecard. Managers can also electronically approve timecards for all hourly and salaried workers within their group. Approval is simply a way to document that the timecard has been reviewed. The hours will not be processed until a final review has been completed by payroll staff and signed off.
Quick Tip:
Electronic timecard approval for hourly workers, salaried workers, and managers is enabled in Configure Payroll Settings.

How Workers Approve Timecards
When electronic timecard approval has been enabled for hourly workers, the employee timecard will contain a header with an Approval button that allows users to electronically approve their timecard. The user can remove approval by viewing their timecard and clicking Remove Approval. Likewise, salaried workers have the option to approve any paid leave hours for the payroll period.
Quick Tip:
Each approval and removal of approval is recorded in your time clock audit logs.

How Managers Approve Timecards
When electronic timecard approval has been enabled for managers, the new Payroll Approval dashboard will contain the option for managers to approve timecards for workers within their group. Managers can approve all timecards in the group at once by clicking the Approval button or individually by clicking each worker name. You'll see a green checkmark in the appropriate column once an approval has been recorded for the timecard. Workers without hours for the payroll period will have a '--' in the approval column. Managers can also view detailed employee timecards, edit punch times, or send an employee a quick message all from the convenience of one place. Click Payroll Approval from the administration toolbar to open the Payroll Approval dashboard.
Quick Tip:
Both user and manager approvals are automatically removed if any of the timecard entries are edited, deleted, or any new entries are added for the payroll period.

Signing Off Timecards
Once timecards have been reviewed, edited, and approved, whoever is responsible for processing payroll needs to sign off the hours. You can sign off timecards individually by clicking each worker name, or sign off all timecards in the group at once by clicking the Sign Off button. Once timecards have been signed off, the hours will be available for exporting into participating payroll programs.

The Payroll Summary report provides a permanent record of all worker hours for the payroll period and contains all the information you need for entering employee hours into your payroll system or calling in to your payroll processor. Running the Payroll Summary report should be a regular part of your payroll processing routine.
Quick Tip:
Hours for all workers must be signed off before closing the payroll period so make sure you've checked all of the display groups if you're unable to close the period.

More details about Payroll Approval, including hints and all of the steps needed to close out the payroll period, can be found in our Payroll Approval Guide.