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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - February 2015

“How much vacation time do I have left?” Even though it's a common question asked by employees, it's usually one that can't be answered quickly by the business owner, manager, or even the HR representative without a little research. So the default response becomes, “Let me check on that for you.” Virtual TimeClock can save you time and inconvenience by empowering your workers to check their own leave balances.

Setting Up Leave Tracking
Virtual TimeClock will track employee leave effortlessly once you define your leave categories and assign leave awards for each employee. What you may not have realized is that you can also create unpaid leave categories. This is a powerful feature because you can turn your time clock into a full time and attendance tracking system. Not only will you be able to generate reports of hours worked for payroll purposes, but you’ll also be able to keep track of unpaid time off, whether excused or not. You can also use the time clock to track leave accrual for salaried workers who may not even use the time clock to punch in and out.
Here are the steps for configuring your own leave benefits within Virtual TimeClock.

Using Leave Tracking
Once you’ve defined your leave categories and assigned leave awards to each of your employees, you’re ready to start inputting employee leave. You can enter days off as they occur or even enter them ahead of time. Either way, the leave entries won’t display on employee timecards until the arrival of the payroll period in which they occur. Most leave entries are recorded by managers or a time clock administrator, but you may want to give employees the ability to add their own days off. All you have to do is change a single security setting by going to Configure Display Groups and clicking User Actions.
Here are the steps for adding leave entries from the Administration window.

Checking Leave Balances
The Accrued and Used Leave report is one of the easiest and quickest ways for time clock administrators and managers to view how many hours their employees have remaining in each of the leave categories, including how many hours are eligible to be carried over into the next benefit year. Employees can check remaining leave balances at anytime by running their own Accrued and Used Leave report from the Reports menu after logging in to their individual User Status. It tells them exactly how much leave they have accrued, how much they have used, and how many hours they have remaining without having to bother busy administrators or submit a request form.
Quick Tip:
There are several other leave reports that can be helpful for managing employee vacation balances and time off requests.

So next time one of your employees asks how many vacation days they have left, you can just smile and show them how easy it is to check for themselves.