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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - March 2014

Thank you to all of our Virtual TimeClock 14 prerelease testers. We appreciate all the great feedback. For those of you who haven't taken a look at the new release yet, here are 6 reasons why you'll want to upgrade to Virtual TimeClock 14.

1) Streamlined clocking in and out
Besides being easy to use, one of the most important features about a time clock program is how fast employees can clock in and out when there's a line forming and work to be done. We wanted to see if there was a way to make clocking in and out even faster. So we removed some extra dialogs to speed up entering your password, editing out memos, and adding timecard entry notes.

2) Full screen mode
Many companies deploy a time clock on a single computer that gets used by a group of employees. It may be situated in a break room, by an employee entrance, or out on the shop floor. If the computer only gets used for time tracking, the new full screen mode will use up all of the available screen real estate while hiding the rest of the desktop, which keeps distractions to a minimum. Here's an idea for you service oriented businesses. Mount a monitor in your customer lounge and run the in/out board interface in full screen mode so customers can view in real-time your progress on their request.

3) Optimized for touch screens
It's hard to revert back to a keyboard and mouse after you've spent some time on a touch screen. They're sleek, space efficient, and not tied down with extra equipment. Our manufacturing customers tell us that the warehouse floor is a tough place for a desktop computer. Well, engineering took that to heart with this release and did some tweaking to the PIN and Passcode interfaces to make them shine on touch screen devices. Combined with the full screen mode, you can turn any laptop or tablet running Windows 8.1 into a time clock.

4) Monitoring elapsed time
Some of our prerelease testers went so far as to say that this new feature would help them keep compliant with their state's labor law requirements. Employees working a straight 6 hour shift will know exactly when their shift needs to end. Managers and supervisors will know when employees are due for rest periods and meal breaks. Monitor how long employees have been working on a particular task, how long they've been at lunch, or how long they've been on break without having to leave your desk!

5) Increased administrative efficiency
Virtual TimeClock 14 sports a number of enhancements to make time clock administrative actions more efficient. Here are a couple of my favorites. Adding the day of the week when viewing entries in the Entry Editor is brilliant. We had customers asking why they should grab a calendar just to figure out what days of the week employees worked. Having Shifts & Schedules and Leave Categories & Leave Awards as separate configuration panels makes some of the lesser used settings way easier to find when you need them, and that's always useful.

6) It's free!
Virtual TimeClock 14 is a free upgrade because of your software Maintenance & support enrollment. That's the best reason of all.

If you'd like to see some of these new features in action, take a look at the What's New in Virtual TimeClock 14 video.