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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - December 2012

We had another busy year at Redcort Software in 2012. It's certainly been a year of growth. We relocated to bigger facilities and added another product specialist. We started the year with the release of our most ambitious and comprehensive update in a decade. Some of the highlights of Virtual TimeClock ‘12 include consolidation of all administrative functions in one window, PIN based time clock access, multiple time zone support, and a new individual interface designed for single user workstations. We also added time clock payroll integration with QuickBooks® for Windows. In the press, we received an impressive 4.5 out of 5 on our latest Macworld time clock review. We finished up the year by adding time clock integration with ADP Pay eXpert® online payroll. We also announced compatibility with Apple OS 10.8 Mountain Lion, Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.

As part of our December tradition, this month’s ‘Tips & Tricks’ newsletter will review some important things to consider as you wind up another successful year with Virtual TimeClock.

Integrate Virtual TimeClock with your payroll service
If you’re considering going with a payroll service or switching from your current payroll provider, now’s the time to do it. Integrating Virtual TimeClock with your payroll provider saves time because you don’t have to manually enter employee hours and it eliminates data entry errors because there’s no risk of transposing numbers.

We offer time clock integration with popular payroll programs like ADP®2, QuickBooks®6, SurePayroll®7, Paychex®4, PayChoice®5, AccountEdge®1, and CheckMark®3 Payroll. If you need help setting up integration with any of these programs, we’ve got detailed instructions at Virtual TimeClock Payroll Integration.

Here’s a quick Tip:
SurePayroll® has offered Virtual TimeClock customers payroll processing for up to 10 employees at any pay frequency for $69.99 a month, including direct deposit. if you have more than 10 employees, you’ll be charged only $1.99 for each additional employee. Contact SurePayroll® at 877-954-7873 and let them know you’re a Virtual TimeClock User or visit SurePayroll®.

Carry over unused leave awards
If your leave awards are based on the calendar year, then run the Accrued and Used Leave report through 12/31/12 to determine the remaining leave balances for each employee. This is also the time to update any new leave award benefits based on your business rules.

Here’s a quick Tip:
Virtual TimeClock ‘13 will be bringing new leave award accrual frequencies and an updated Accrued & Used Leave report.

Enter 2013 paid holidays
Now’s the time to enter all the paid holidays your employees will receive for the next calendar year.  Click Add Leave from the administration toolbar.  Select the employees that get credit for the holiday and choose the date. Add a note with the name of the holiday for reference.

Here’s a quick Tip:
The holidays will automatically show up on employee time cards in the appropriate payroll period.

Check that scheduled backup
Make sure you’re backing up your time clock software data and check your backup logs to make sure backups have been occurring frequently and successfully. On Virtual TimeClock Pro, choose Program Logs from the Configure menu. On Network Edition, launch Virtual TimeClock Server Manager and click Logs.

Here’s a quick Tip:
Windows backup failing? One of our support blogs may help.

I hope your year has been as productive as ours. All of us at Redcort Software hope you have a joyful Christmas and a wonderful New Year’s celebration!

Until next year,

Jeff Morrow

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