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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - June 2008

Well, I think summer has officially arrived here in central California. You tend to come to that conclusion after the thermometer reaches triple digits for the fifth day in a row!

In this month’s ‘Tips & Tricks Newsletter’, you’ll get a sneak peek into some of the great new benefits of our upcoming Virtual TimeClock Pro 6.0 release. I also want to introduce you to the new Virtual TimeClock 6.0 preview pages on our website that the marketing folks just released a couple of weeks ago.

Here our some great new features that I’ve been working with in our latest internal build.

Virtual TimeClock 6.0 Server runs as a background service.
If you're networking TimeClocks, you’ll be able to run Virtual TimeClock Server as a background service or daemon on both Mac and Windows servers. It also has a separate TimeClock Server Manager program that makes it easy to install and manage the server. No more running Virtual TimeClock server on a logged in user account! Since it runs in the background, Virtual TimeClock 6.0 has an option to automatically launch anytime the server computer is rebooted.

Create TimeClock display groups by location or business unit.
Display groups are a powerful and flexible way to view and manage TimeClock users by department or location. You can do things like limit what tasks, out memos, and reports are used by each display group. Display groups work alongside security to allow managers to only view, edit, or print timecards for workers in their display group.

Security has been expanded to over 30 program functions.
You can do things like optionally allow workers to edit their own timecards or add their own leave entries without giving them access to everyone’s timecards. A new Administrative Mode allows you to easily perform multiple administrative functions with only one password entry.

Multiple overtime and time deduction rules.
Daily and weekly overtime settings can now be assigned to each individual worker. This gives you a ton of flexibility for placing your employees on alternative work schedules. The same is true for automatic time deductions. Set your time deductions by employee classification rather than for everybody on a global basis.

Add new leave categories.
You’ll be able to add as many different new leave categories as your business requires.

Unpaid tasks & leave.
We’ve added the ability to designate tasks and leave as either paid or unpaid. In version 6.0, you’ll finally be able to track unpaid activities like breaks, lunches, and even unpaid time off.

New SQL database
We’ve moved to a modern, robust, proven open standard embedded SQL database that’s blazingly fast. I've seen a database of over 300 workers with over 5 years of data go from taking 30 seconds to load the worker list to loading the same worker list in under a second.

I hope that gives you an idea of some of the types of things we've done with Virtual TimeClock 6.0. You can check the status of the 6.0 release anytime at New Time Clock Software Release. The new preview pages will be updated regularly as we approach the 6.0 release date.

Here’s a quick Tip:
If you’re interested in being part of our Virtual TimeClock 6.0 beta program, then let us know by quickly completing the ‘Stay In Touch’ form accessible from any of the new website pages. We’ll add you to the beta notification list and let you know when more details become available.

Until next month,

Jeff Morrow

P.S. Virtual TimeClock Pro goes Universal!

Oh, I almost forgot. The 6.0 release completes our Intel transition on the Mac. Virtual TimeClock Pro will ship as a universal binary. This means it will run at peak performance on both Intel and older PowerPC based Mac computers.