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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - December 2007

Happy Holidays! This time of year often arrives with a measure of personal reflection. I think about what went well during the past year (and what didn’t turn out so well). It’s a good time to set new short and long term goals, and to review goals from the prior year. Sometimes goals need a minor fine tuning. Other times, they need a major overhaul. Not because they’re wrong, but because things change as new priorities compete for attention.

We receive quite a few feature requests related to the Timecard Report Writer each year. Some of the minor ones get implemented in new software releases as part of our own fine tuning process. Since the Report Writer interface has pretty much remained unchanged since its introduction in Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.0, we decided to implement some of the more popular feature requests into our latest Virtual TimeClock 5.6 release. Think of this as ‘Phase 1’ of a two‐part overhaul of the Timecard Report Writer. We still have a number of feature requests that we plan to implement as ‘Phase 2’ in a future release.

Last month’s ‘Tips & Tricks’ Newsletter got you started on the new Paid Break functionality and how to use the new Worker Status report. As promised, this month I’ll introduce you to the new and improved Timecard Report Writer waiting for you in Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.6.

What’s new in the Report Writer for Virtual TimeClock 5.6?
I’m glad you asked! Take a look at this list for some of the highlights:
  • New user defined signature line text for each report.
  • New ability to Sort/Display timecards by worker first or last name.
  • New option to include Social Security Number on timecard reports.
  • New option to include worker ID number on timecard reports.
  • New support for landscape or portrait printing.
  • Report name is now displayed on all pages of a report.
  • Names are now carried forward when hours span multiple pages.
  • New divider between names for reports without page breaks.

Here’s a quick Tip:
For a complete listing of all new and enhanced Report Writer functionality, please visit the ‘What’s New?’ page on our web site at What’s New In Virtual TimeClock.

How do I use the new Report Writer interface?
Even though the look and feel of the Timecard Report Writer has changed quite a bit, it’s just as powerful in its ability to gather timecard data directly from the SQL database. The new Report Writer is composed of three panels:

The Selection panel allows you to pick how timecard data is grouped and sorted, and what timecard entries are included on your timecard report. Do you only want to look at time spent on paid breaks by department for the last week? No problem. Need a report on all sick leave used last month? Piece of cake.

The Options panel allows you to choose whether the report is a summary or detail report, and what optional features to include. A summary report only displays the totals for each group selected. A detail report lists every

timecard entry for the date range selected and allows you to choose which subtotals and features will be calculated and displayed on the report. Items like employee social security numbers or gross wages can be optionally included or excluded from the report.

The Format panel allows you to change the formatting of the report. You can change the report font, size, line spacing, and margins.

Here’s a quick Tip:
All of these report details are saved and stored separately for each individual report, allowing for a near infinite number of report variations to be created.

I hope you have had fun exploring Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.6 since its release in mid­‐November. All of us at Redcort Software wish you the very best for the new year!

Jeff Morrow