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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - July 2007

Well, it’s that time of year again. “Time to grab a glass of iced tea and sit in the shade?” you ask. Nope (though that doesn’t sound half bad). It’s time for you to contribute to the annual ‘Customer Tips & Tricks’ edition of our Virtual TimeClock Pro newsletter.

Here’s your opportunity to shine among your peers! Drop me an email with your favorite Virtual TimeClock tip or some neat trick you’ve discovered while using Virtual TimeClock Pro. We’ll review all entries received by July 31 and publish the best customer tips and tricks in our August newsletter. Don’t be left out! If we select your submission, we’ll share your brilliance with other readers and send you a token of our appreciation.

What about this month’s Tips & Tricks? Since we’ve been providing lots of tips for more experienced users lately, I thought I’d balance things out a bit for our newer users. Here are five quick Virtual TimeClock Pro tips based on our most common new user questions.

What is the Virtual TimeClock Pro ‘Master’ password?
Virtual TimeClock Pro does not have a generic administrative or ‘Master’ password. All passwords are assigned directly to users. What new users typically mean by this question is really, “I don’t remember my ‘Owner’ level password. Help!”

Here’s a quick Tip:
Submit an online support request at Time Clock Software Support or give us a call and we’ll help you retrieve lost ‘Owner’ level passwords.

Why does the Accrued & Used Leave report have wrong balances?
The Accrued & Used Leave report is based on the Accrual Anniversary date in the Worker Leave Assignment window. All YTD (year-­to-­date) balances on the report start from the anniversary date, not January 1.

Here’s a quick Tip:
See the June 2007 edition of our ‘Tips & Tricks’ newsletter for more information on setting up leave accrual, adding leave entries, and checking leave balances. If you need another copy, just contact us and we’ll be happy to send you another one.

Why is the current period date wrong when I try to print timecards?
Virtual TimeClock is using the current period dates set in your payroll cycle settings. You’ve likely neglected to close your past payroll periods. Don’t worry, it’s easy to get caught up!

Here’s a quick Tip:
See the February 2007 edition of our ‘Tips & Tricks’ newsletter for more information on closing payroll periods, why closing periods is important, when to close a period, and how to reopen a closed period.

How can I prevent ‘buddy punching’?
You’ll want to enable password protection in the ‘Security’ control panel.

Here’s a quick Tip:
If sharing passwords is a problem, we've found that setting worker passwords to the last 4 digits of the their social security number discourages sharing.

When will my feature request be implemented?
With several upgrade releases per year, we’re consistently adding new functionality to Virtual TimeClock Pro based on our customer feature requests. Our engineering schedule is determined using three basic criteria: How well does the new feature fit with our existing product? How much engineering time and effort will it take to implement the feature? How many customers are asking for this feature? Using this matrix ensures that Virtual TimeClock Pro continues to mature in areas that most benefit our users.

Here’s a quick Tip:
While we don't forecast release dates for software in development, we will notify you directly if your feature request has been implemented.

There are certainly lots of other questions I could have addressed. You’ll find many of them have already been answered on our frequently asked questions website page at Virtual TimeClock FAQs. I hope you’ll stop by and learn something new and useful about your Virtual TimeClock Pro software!

Until next month,
Jeff Morrow
P.S. -­ Be sure to submit your favorite tip or trick by July 31 for our ‘Customer Tips & Tricks’ next month!