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Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks - August 2006

Welcome to our brand new Virtual TimeClock 'Tips & Tricks' newsletter!

My name is Jeff Morrow. I’m the Operations Manager at Redcort Software, headquartered in sunny Central California. Fresno rarely sees days below 100 degrees this time of year. You can always tell the non natives because every conversation these days starts with ‘Boy is it hot!’ After 8 years traveling all over the U.S. in the medical software industry, I am particularly enjoying this summer as I get to be home with my wife and kids for dinner every night. Even in the heat, this is pretty cool!

About now you’re probably wondering, “What is this 'Tips & Tricks'?” If you're at all like me, when you install a new software program you notice lots of additional features that you suspect would be really useful. Just as quickly you realize your limited time requires you to focus on just getting the software up and running. As months go by you live with the guilt that you've never made good on your intention to learn how to use the software to your full advantage. 'Tips & Tricks' is designed to relieve the guilt! As a valued customer enrolled in our Maintenance & Support program, each month we'll provide you with quick, easy to read tips that will help you use Virtual TimeClock more effectively. In this inaugural issue I'll kick things off with a couple of tips and one trick:

Tip: How to use 'Tips & Tricks'
  • File each newsletter in a 'Virtual TimeClock Tips & Tricks' folder within your email program. You’ll always know just where to look for that handy tip.
  • Print 'Tips & Tricks' newsletters and put them in a binder next to your TimeClock computer as a handy reference.
  • Forward useful 'Tips & Tricks' emails on to others in your organization who can use the information.

Tip: Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.2.5 Release

Virtual TimeClock Pro 5.2.5 is a minor maintenance release that features several networking optimizations and enhancements.

Trick: Customizing the Look and Feel of Virtual TimeClock
Did you know that you can easily customize your Virtual TimeClock application? The program preferences determine the columns displayed in the TimeClock window, which user names or departments are displayed, user’s ability to see administrative menus and toolbar buttons, and even the sounds emitted by the program. My favorite is to change the format to list workers by their first name. To modify your TimeClock select ‘Preferences’ from the Edit menu in Microsoft Windows and Mac OS 9 or the Virtual TimeClock Pro menu on Mac OS X.

Play with the settings on all three tabs along the top of the Preferences window to get just the look and functionality you want. If you’re using Virtual TimeClock on multiple computers, the preferences are local so each computer can have a unique configuration. Have fun!

Until next month,

Jeff Morrow