Virtual TimeClock Summertime Checklist

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Virtual TimeClock Summertime Checklist

May 24, 2023

Whether it's hiring part-time employees, starting internships or managing employee vacation requests, Virtual TimeClock makes it easy to keep up with the changes that summer brings. We have created a summer checklist to ensure that you are ready for this upcoming season.

Adding Users
Enabling part-time employees, interns and even volunteers to Virtual TimeClock is as easy as adding a new user. Like all employees, temporary workers should be made inactive in Virtual TimeClock at the end of their service. This removes them from the timeclock while keeping their historical timecards accessible. Should they return to your employment in the future, you can easily make them active in the timeclock once again.

Vacation & Holiday Pay
The summer season is a common time for employees to take vacations. Make sure that your leave categories and awards are set up and assigned to users. Virtual TimeClock makes it easy to set up and track paid time off for all your employees.

Virtual TimeClock has built-in messaging that provides easy timeclock oriented communication. Messaging is a great way to request and approve vacation or other paid time off.

summer checklist: messaging

Other common uses for messages include notifications of company meetings, supplies requests, or afterwork get-togethers. Virtual TimeClock's Messaging is a great tool anytime you want to communicate with employees as they start or stop work.

The summer season has both pleasures and challenges. We want to help make it easy for you to adjust your timeclock to these changes. Do you have questions, or need assistance with configuring features? Contact Us. We're here to help!