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How to Troubleshoot Missing Overtime Hours

March 18, 2019

Calculating overtime automatically is one of the biggest benefits of time clock software. If employee overtime hours are not displaying properly on timecards, there several possible explanations. In this article we'll cover the top 4 reasons that your overtime may not be displaying as expected and how to fix each issue.

1. Have overtime rules been assigned to employees?
If you created overtime rules, but have not assigned them to users, the rules will not apply. See the Assigning Overtime Rules to Users article for detailed steps.

2. Are your overtime rules configured correctly?
If your overtime rules were are not setup correctly, overtime hours will not be calculated as expected. Review the Creating Overtime Rules article for more information.

3. Do you have salaried workers?
In Virtual TimeClock, workers who have been categorized a Salary in their user profile, are exempt from overtime calculations. To change a user's salary status, select Users from the Configure menu and review the Wage option in the Employment tab.

Changing employee status to salary in user settings

4. Did you adjust hours off the clock before overtime calculations are restarted?
If you adjusted the hours clocked out before restarting daily totals option in the Time Settings, overtime hours may not be calculated properly. For more information, review the Split Shifts article.

Any of the settings mentioned above will immediately apply to all hours in the open payroll period, so it's easy to get overtime to display correctly even for hours that have already been clocked. If you troubleshoot using all 4 steps and are not able to resolve your issue displaying overtime hours, please contact technical support for additional assistance.

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