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Windows Remote Desktop and Virtual TimeClock

From time to time we hear from Virtual TimeClock users who need to know about using Virtual TimeClock with a Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) session. This article will explain the details of how Virtual TimeClock works with RDP.

Basic and Pro Editions
Due to licensing, Basic and Pro editions do not support installation or application use via a remote desktop session. You will need to install and use the software locally.

Note: Attempting to install the software via remote desktop will result in the following error message: You cannot use Virtual TimeClock Pro because it is not supported on this system. Remote session fatal error. 

Network Edition
The Network Edition allows you to install and use both the TimeClock Server and TimeClock clients with a remote desktop session. Accessing the client software via remote session uses a client license, so if you will be accessing the client software regularly in this fashion, you may need to purchase an additional license for your TimeClock system.

Note: For additional information regarding Network Edition licensing, see the Virtual TimeClock Licensing article.
Windows Remote Desktop logon screen