Why Are My Report Dates Wrong?

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Why Are My Report Dates Wrong?

May 22, 2023

Do you have to change the dates every time you view a report in Virtual TimeClock? When you select a date range for a report, does it say 'Current Period' but the dates are incorrect? This is a sure sign that you haven't been closing your payroll periods.

wrong report dates

It is critical to close each period after you review and approve your timecards for payroll. Not only does this permanently record timecard hours so they cannot be changed, this process updates your 'current period' for reports. This brief article on the timecard approval process shows you how to close periods and keep your default report dates correct.

Have you gone months (or even years) without closing your payroll periods? Closing several periods is quick and easy. When you update your payroll settings to the correct current period, Virtual TimeClock will close all prior periods for you automatically.

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