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Virtual TimeClock & Windows 10 Compatability

April 5, 2019

If you are planning on upgrading to Windows 10, you may be wondering if your time clock software will still work with your new operating system. Since Virtual TimeClock is a one-time purchase, many companies take advantage of the cost savings by using the same version for years and years on dated operating systems. When it's time to upgrade, this article will help you know if your version of Virtual TimeClock will function on Windows 10.
Virtual TimeClock Windows 10 Compatibility

  • Basic Edition: Version 11 and newer.
  • Pro Edition: Version 11 and newer.
  • Network Edition: Version 12 and newer.

If your version of Virtual TimeClock is not compatible with Windows 10, you can upgrade to our latest release. Software upgrades are free for customers enrolled in Premier Support. If you are not enrolled, upgrades can be purchased at a discount. Learn more about upgrading your software by reviewing our Upgrading Overview article.

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