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Terminating Employees

January 3, 2014

There are many operational issues involved in the termination of an employee. Whether it was voluntary or not, this can be an emotional or even volatile event. It's easy to forget things amidst all the final paperwork so here are a couple of things regarding your time clock to add to your termination checklist.

Determine Final Wages
You'll need to generate the employee's final timecard. If the employee is still clocked in for their shift, then you'll need to manually add the stop time to the latest entry so all of the hours will be included and totaled on the timecard. For detailed information on adding timecard entries, review our adding manual entries article. Review the employees timecard just like you would at the end of a payroll period and make any adjustments as needed. If you need to pay for any vacation time that's been accrued but not used, you'll need to run the Accrued and Used Leave Report to determine the employee's current vacation balance. The remaining balance can then be added as a leave entry to the employee's final timecard.

Make Employee Inactive
Since the employee will no longer need access to Virtual TimeClock, they can be made inactive. If they're a user or manager, this will remove them from any display groups to which they belong so they can no longer use the time clock. If they're a time clock administrator, then making them inactive will remove their administrative access. We recommend making a user inactive rather than deleting them because deleting a user will erase all of their timecard history. But making them inactive keeps a record of all their past timecards. Review our Knowledge Base article on Removing Users in Virtual TimeClock.

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