Virtual TimeClock 18 Release 1 - Redcort

Release Notes

Virtual TimeClock 18 Release 1

December 8, 2017

In Version 18, we've added popular new features including payroll integration with ADP Workforce Now®, auto time additions, and helpers to simplify TimeClock Network Edition setup. Updated program welcome, registration, and database interfaces, and over two dozen bug fixes enhance the overall user experience.

Supported Operating Systems

Basic & Pro

• macOS 10.7 Lion - 10.14 Mojave
• Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10


• macOS 10.7 Lion - 10.14 Mojave
• Windows 7, 8, 10, Server 2003 - 2016

Basic, Pro & Network Edition

  • New automatic notification of software updates with integrated download and installation.
  • New right-click User action menu enables easy access to timecards, messaging, and reports.
  • Enhanced right-click Administrative menu provides access to common user related functions.
  • New option to remove previously assigned user passwords.
  • Date of birth field has been added for users.
  • Audit logs now record manual clock in and out times created by administrators and managers.
  • User added or edited manual entries are now recorded in the Audit Logs.
  • Users added or edited leave entries are now recorded in the Audit Logs.
  • Automatically generated error reports provide more detailed and precise information.
  • Updated display of license information in the Licenses Configuration panel.
  • Enhanced program license key entry and editing.
  • Changing to 'Two List' mode on the In & Out Board now automatically enlarges the default window to reveal all columns.
  • Updated and simplified the Actions menu and Actions popup menus.
  • Basic Edition users must now resolve all timecard errors before closing payroll periods.
  • The Configuration Toolbar icon remains consistent when logged in as a Manager.
  • Creating and modifying Overtime rules no longer allows negative hour values.
  • Windows with open modal sheets (Mac only) now consistently reactivate properly.
  • Program installation on Windows now checks to ensure the program is not running.
  • Fully compatible with macOS High Sierra (10.13) and Windows Server 2016.
  • Over two dozen interface updates and minor bug fixes enhance the user experience on Mac and Windows.

Pro & Network Edition

All of the above changes, plus:

  • New leave accrual cap allows you to set a maximum award limit for leave hours accrued based on hours worked.
  • Passwords for group login are now optional to simplify timeclock connectivity.
  • User names are now logged with shift rule violations.
  • User names are now logged when recording failed login attempts.
  • Enhanced and updated Display Group Settings interface.
  • New default timecard report for groups without an assigned timecard report.
  • Courtesy lunch return rules now require a complimentary 'prevent early return' setting to be enabled.
  • Improved functionality of administrative groups (All Users, Active Users, and Inactive Users).
  • Opening Network Edition databases in the Pro Edition now recognizes groups using the Individual Interface.
  • Enhanced security to prevent manager's unauthorized access to administrative settings.
  • You can no longer unassign a timecard report or the only report from a Group.
  • You can no longer delete a report assigned to a Group within the Report Writer.
  • Display Group settings for 'Missed Stop' rules now display reliably for multiple groups.
  • Manually deleting an entry with an auto clock out reliably cancels the scheduled auto clock out.
  • The display group is always maintained when moving between the Configuration and Administrative windows.
  • The Setup dialog for Exporting Reports now resizes correctly.

Network Edition

All of the above changes, plus:

  • New end-to-end encryption of network communications between TimeClock Server and Clients
  • Updated and simplified Server Connection & Group login.
  • New option to remove previously assigned group passwords.
  • You can no longer inadvertently assign the same password to multiple Display Groups.
  • Expanded and revised error reporting when attempting to login to a TimeClock Server.
  • Elimination of the dreaded (and ambiguous) "Unauthorized" login error.
  • Enhanced Server Manager settings with Install & Start buttons and important license information.
  • Updated Server Manager license and client information display and management.
  • License keys can now be activated from an unregistered client.
  • Enhanced client authentication and error reporting for connections by the TimeClock Server.
  • Running under Remote Desktop no longer requires new server login.
  • Improved Server Manager response when cancelling the installation or removal of the Mac Daemon.
  • Installing the Server Manager on Windows now automatically quits any existing running TimeClock Service before install.
  • Uninstalling the Server Manager on Windows now also automatically uninstalls the background TimeClock Service.