Virtual TimeClock '09 Release 1 - Redcort

Release Notes

Virtual TimeClock ’09 Release 1

February 12, 2009
Note: This release has reached End Of Life

Virtual TimeClock Pro ‘09 is a major program upgrade that represents more than two years of development. A brand new administrative interface makes it even easier to manage dozens of new and enhanced features including: multiple overtime and time deduction settings, unlimited leave categories and awards, and powerful new selection capabilities for the report writer. An all-new security interface provides the ability to refine user access to program functions. A new, optimized SQL database is 2 to 100 times faster, enabling Virtual TimeClock ‘09 unmatched performance for companies with 5 or 500 employees.

Supported Operating Systems

Basic & Pro

• macOS 10.3 - 10.6
• Windows XP, Vista, 7


• Client: macOS OS X 10.3 - 10.6
• Client: Windows XP, Vista, 7

Virtual TimeClock Pro, Client & Server Editions


  • New optimized SQL database with powerful data compact & verification utilities.
  • Create Display Groups for workers, tasks, reports, and manager access.
  • Intel native Universal Binary for Macintosh computers.


  • Create reports based on selected workers and selected tasks/leave categories.
  • Customizable reports menu provides immediate access to timecard reports.
  • Enhanced report printing interface with simplified worker and date range selection.


  • Create an unlimited number of overtime rules.
  • Overtime rules are now assigned on a per worker basis.

Time Deductions

  • Create an unlimited number of time deduction rules.
  • Time deduction rules are now assigned on a per worker basis.


  • Create, modify or remove an unlimited number of leave categories.
  • Leave awards now assigned on a per worker basis.
  • Three new built-in worker leave reports with full report writer support.
  • Accrued and Used Leave report now displays time in decimal or hours & minutes.
  • New exporting functionality for leave entries.

Entry Editing

  • Instantly modify a current entry directly from the TimeClock window.
  • The Entry Editor is now available from the TimeClock toolbar.
  • Delete multiple selected timecard entries at once.
  • Add manual TimeClock entries for multiple workers at the same time.
  • Add leave entries for multiple workers at the same time.
  • Workers can optionally add or edit their own timecard entries.
  • Managers can optionally add or edit entries for workers in their group.


  • All new Security management with intuitive settings for access.
  • More than 20 new security settings enable fine-tuned program access.
  • Workers can now set/change their own passwords.
  • Expanded audit and error log tracking.
  • Full support for managed user accounts on both Macintosh & Windows computers.


  • Export settings are now global to all TimeClocks.
  • New leave export capabilities with enhanced field selection.
  • All date and time fields are now exported independently.

Ease of Use

  • All new administration interface designed for ease of use.
  • New visual indicators for worker in & out status.
  • Program wide control of worker name sorting by first or last name.
  • Data files easily accessed from any user account on a computer.
  • Simplified reopening of closed payroll periods.
  • New calendar based date selection for easy date assignments.
  • Expanded and updated User's Guide.