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Virtual TimeClock 16 Helps Employers Simplify Labor Compliance

New time clock software release helps employers control payroll costs and more easily comply with increasing government labor regulations.

Clovis, CA - May 23, 2016 – Employers have a powerful new ally in the face of growing labor regulations with today’s release of Virtual TimeClock 16 from Redcort Software Inc. This major update to their popular time clock software helps companies eliminate unwanted overtime and reduce labor costs by ensuring that worker start, stop, and meal break times are properly observed. Virtual TimeClock 16 is even easier to use, automatically catches common timecard errors, and saves time by simplifying management of the time clock.

Bob Ward & Sons, a long time sporting goods retailer in Montana, uses Virtual TimeClock to manage employee time and attendance at their stores. The reporting and compliance requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) prompted Mark Anderson, Bob Ward’s Manager of Operations, to contact Redcort Software for help. Keith DeLong, founder and CEO of Redcort Software, explains, "Several new rules in Virtual TimeClock 16 were a direct result of Mark’s compelling request for new controls that would dramatically simplify their ACA compliance and reporting." Mark was thrilled to see his requested features in Virtual TimeClock 16, adding "Virtual TimeClock has always been very user friendly.  These new controls and features simply enhance what has always been a very functional and dynamic program."

The updated interface in Virtual TimeClock 16 enables workers to punch in and out up to 50% faster. The time clock automatically alerts users when they’ve missed a clock out, enabling managers to quickly and easily approve timecards for payroll. Over a dozen additional program improvements enhance the overall experience for all users.

Pricing and Availability
Virtual TimeClock is available for Macintosh and Windows PC computers. One time license pricing starts at $99 USD for the Basic Edition and $195 USD for Virtual TimeClock Pro. Annual software maintenance and support enrollment and discounted upgrade pricing is available upon request or online at the Redcort Software store.

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