Virtual TimeClock Release Notes

Virtual TimeClock 12

Virtual TimeClock 12 is our most comprehensive upgrade in the last decade. You'll find much requested features like QuickBooks®1 Payroll support, PIN and Passcode entry options, and all new non administrative user and personal client options for our network users. In total, there are nearly 100 new features and functions presented in a new interface that improves the user experience and simplifies program management.

12 R1 -- April 8, 2012
New feature highlights for Virtual TimeClock 12 include:

All Editions (Basic, Pro & Network)

  • New worker status window centralizes all worker actions after a single password.
  • New elapsed time for the current time clock activity.
  • New TimeServer option gets time from the Internet rather than your computer’s clock.
  • One password enables all administrative functions available to a manager or administrator.
  • New administrator & manager toolbars put regular actions at your fingertips.
  • All new centralized Configuration Center greatly simplifies program management.

Pro Edition (Pro & Network)

  • QuickBooks® Payroll Integration - import users and export timecards directly to QuickBooks® for Windows.
  • New PIN & Passcode user interface options (in addition to the In & Out Board).
  • Greatly simplified Overtime, Department, Reports, and Time Deduction assignments.
  • New administrator & manager Reports Favorites for those reports you use regularly.
  • Each display group now has its own user and manager security and access settings.
  • Easily switch between display groups from administrative mode.
  • New simple on-the-fly administrative backup option.

Network Edition (In addition to all of the above)

  • New Individual login option for displaying status for a single worker.
  • New User Client with NO administrative capabilities enhances security.
  • New client login manages current and former servers by address and name.
  • Client login with optional password protection sets client group, settings, and access.
  • Multiple time zone support when using the optional new Internet TimeServer.
  • Group managers are no longer required to be displayed in group timeclock lists.
  • License & Renewal keys can now be entered from any TimeClock client.
  • Server database & status can now be monitored from any administrative TimeClock client.

Virtual TimeClock '12 Release 1 Updates

12 R1.1 -- April 13, 2012 

  • Mac installer now ensures Application Support permissions are preserved.
  • The Status window now auto closes much sooner after clocking in or out.
  • Manager access opens more reliably when changing display groups.
  • Corrupt system fonts no longer cause out of memory errors in the Status window.
  • Empty data files from prior releases now update themselves correctly on open.
  • Editing User information in the Basic Edition no longer errors at three users.
  • Entering license renewals in the network Edition no longer requires a server restart.

12 R1.2 -- April 26, 2012 

  • Added user cell phone property (new for '12) to the Contact List and Telephone List reports.
  • Manager logins no longer error when certain manager restrictions are enabled.
  • Payroll timecard exports consistently respect decimal formatting rules.
  • Opening data files back and forth between Virtual TimeClock '10 & '12 no longer errors.
  • Remedied several minor menu inconsistencies.
  • The Status window width is now resizable to accommodate long toolbars with large fonts.

12 R1.3 -- May 18, 2012 

  • The Status window no longer auto closes a few seconds after popups or menus are displayed.
  • Changing Display Groups from a manager login no longer displays a reference error.
  • The Mac Server edition once again supports custom locations for new databases.
  • Changing name order display in the Preferences once again auto updates user names in the In/Out List.

12 R1.4 -- July 26, 2012 

  • Application and installers now support Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.
  • New user configurable preference for the delay in auto closing of User Status Window.
  • Auto closing the User Status window properly auto closes all related windows.
  • Users without passwords now receive a warning flag when Passcode Interface is enabled.
  • Improved merging of users imported without Social Security Numbers.
  • Break and Lunch menu items no longer display when these actions are disabled.
  • Administrator 'My Reports' favorites no longer removes restricted manager reports.
  • Administrator and manager messaging is available when password protection is turned off.
  • TimeClock administration window now remains open when displaying the Configure window.
  • The TimeClock users window now remains open when displaying the User Status window.
  • Resizing the User Status Window on Mac OS X now works reliably.
  • Restoring the default reports now properly refreshes the currently selected report.