Why You Should Never Delete Users

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Why You Should Never Delete Users

June 4, 2021

It is tempting to delete users from Virtual TimeClock when those employees no longer work for your company; however, we recommend making them inactive instead.

Here are three good reasons to make users inactive:

  1. Record Keeping - It is good policy to keep records of hours worked, even after an employee stops working for your company. This protects both the employee and the company should there ever be a dispute.
  2. Rehires - Sometimes employees come back to work for you. Rather than have to recreate their user profile, you can simply reactivate them. This allows them to clock in immediately and add to their existing work history.
  3. This Cannot Be Undone - Deleting a user is permanent, removing their entire timecard history.

For more information on how to make users inactive, see our Knowledge Base article about Removing Users.