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Upcoming Release – Version 18.2.1

October 12, 2018

We introduced automatic software updates for Virtual TimeClock in Version 18. Since then, several of our Network Edition users have requested advance notice of software releases so they can be better prepared to roll out updates. To better serve our customers, we will begin announcing upcoming releases here in our support blog. 

Version 18.2.1 update notification

Our next software update, Version 18.2.1, is scheduled for release during the week of October 15, 2018. ​This will be a minor maintenance update for Version 18.2 that will address several minor bugs and enhance overall program reliability and usability. Once the update is live, you can find full release notes on our What's New page.

When new software releases are available, Virtual TimeClock will automatically notify the time clock user of the available update. To learn more about controlling automatic updates for your time clock, review our Control Automatic Updates support blog.

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