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Unable to Clock In: Configuration Error

March 25, 2019

If you recently made changes to the activities feature, and you haven't selected a default activity for your display groups, users will get an Unable to clock in: configuration error when they try to punch in. This brief article will explain how to resolve the issue so that employees can continue punching time.

Unable to Clock In Configuration Error message

"A default activity has not been set for your group."
The Unable to clock in error occurs when you remove (or make inactive) an activity that was previously set as the default activity for a display group. When a user tries to clock in without an activity, the time clock can't create the entry without an activity.

Selecting a Default Activity
Since the TimeClock does not automatically set the default activity, you will need to update your Display Group settings. Review the the Assigning Activities article for more information on setting a default activity.

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