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TimeClock Clients Can’t Connect

November 14, 2013

If you can't connect to the Virtual TimeClock Server, it's likely due to one or more of the following issues:

  1. The Virtual TimeClock Server is not installed or not running. Launch Virtual TimeClock Server and check the Status window to ensure all server functions are running and online.
  2. The firewall on the server has not been set to allow Virtual TimeClock to accept network connections. Virtual TimeClock uses TCP port 56777 and UDP port 56778 by default for network communications.
  3. Antivirus software is blocking port communications between the TimeClock Server and client TimeClock.
  4. The server and client computers are not on the same local network. In this case, the client TimeClock needs access to the TimeClock Server from outside the network (see our Knowledge Base instructions on setting up Remote Connections).
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