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Other Connection Issues

May 1, 2015

Network Edition users may experience some time clock issues that are unrelated to their current network configuration. Virtual TimeClock will always provide a clear message telling you exactly what the issue is. Here are the most common non-networking connection issues.

  • Client and server versions are not the same. Time clock clients and the time clock server have to be on the same version in order to "talk" to one another. If you need to reinstall a time clock client, it's always best to check what version of the software one of the exiting clients uses, or check the time clock server. This will tell you what prior release version you need to download and install.
  • Client unable to connect due to max client registration. The time clock server remembers each time clock client that has ever successfully connected, so if you've replaced computers or moved people to different computer workstations, you may need to remove client license registrations that no longer use the time clock. This can be done by launching the Server Manager, clicking Licenses, and selecting which computer registrations to remove. This will free up licenses to be used by the new time clock clients.
  • Unauthorized password preventing login. With the new secure network connections built into Virtual TimeClock 15, time clock clients need to authenticate the first time they connect by using either a time clock administrator, manager, or group password. Once the client time clock successfully connects tot he time clock server, it will no longer require authentication.

Here are the instructions for managing client licenses.

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