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Managing Employee Lunch Breaks

July 29, 2016

Meal breaks are an important part of the workday, offering employees the chance to refuel and recharge. At the same time, ensuring that employee lunch breaks are properly taken can be a time intensive challenge for employers.

Unwanted overtime can occur when employees fail to remain clocked out for their full lunch break. Employees that exceed their allowed lunch period negatively impacts productivity and employee morale. In states like California, significant penalties accrue when workers are prevented (or even discouraged) from starting meal breaks after five hours worked.

Lunch rules in Virtual TimeClock dramatically simplify managing employee lunches. They work just like the popular "Clock In" and "Clock Out" rules, enforcing your policies in real-time as your employees use the time clock.

For complete instructions on setting up lunch break rules in Virtual TimeClock and to see how they will work in action, review the Lunch Shift Rules article.

Virtual TimeClock Lunch Rules
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