License Error VN221

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License Error VN221

March 24, 2023

Most of the time, registering Virtual TimeClock is simple. Any errors are usually self explanatory. Occasionally, an error may be more cryptic like, 'License key was not entered correctly. (VN221).'

Vn221 License Error

The Problem
You will receive the above error if you attempt to enter your new Version 22 license key into an older version of Virtual TimeClock. In previous versions, you could enter a license key into older releases of the software. Due to a security change, Version 22 licenses are not compatible with older versions of Virtual TimeClock. Check out our support article if you are unsure of which version you currently have installed.

The Solution
You will need to upgrade your Virtual TimeClock software to Version 22 before entering your new key. It usually takes only a few minutes. This simple article on upgrading Virtual TimeClock will show you how.

Important Note: If your new license key is for a Premier Support renewal, it is not necessary to enter your key into your current software. It will continue to run and operate as normal. Your new key is for your convenience whenever you are ready to upgrade to Version 22.

Do you have questions or need assistance registering your Virtual TimeClock software? Contact us. We're here to help!