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Database is Closed Message

June 4, 2019

If your Virtual TimeClock database is closed, your client software will alert you with a message that says: Unable to connect to your TimeClock Server. The database is closed. This article will briefly explain the primary ways the time clock database can be closed and how to resolve the issue so that you can continue using the time clock program.

Database is closed message on time clock client

How does the database get closed?
There are several ways that your time clock database can be closed: someone opened the Server Manager and closed the database, the database is being stored in a non-standard location resulting in loss of connection or the computer crashed and the database was closed as a result.

It's critical to keep the TimeClock database in the default location to avoid connection and latency issues. The default location of the database is on the same computer that the Server Manager is installed on, at the following address:

  • Windows - C:UsersPublicDocumentsTimeClock Data
  • macOS - Macintosh HDUsersSharedTimeClock Data

Note: If you do change the location of the database it must be on the same physical drive as the TimeClock Server.

Instead of moving your time clock database to a different drive, use the automatic backup feature to back up your database to a network or cloud drive. This will ensure you always have a current copy of your database in case the computer dies or is stolen.

​Reopening the Database
You will need to access the Server Manager program to reopen the database. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Open your TimeClock Server Manager program.
  2. Select the Database tab.
  3. Choose Open and select your TimeClock database.
The database tab in the Server Manager
Once your database is open, you can reconnect your time clock clients and resume time clock use.