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Changing Display Groups In Virtual TimeClock 18

December 12, 2017

In Virtual TimeClock 18, we simplified the process of changing display groups by adding a new menu item for changing groups while the time clock is in User mode.

Who Can Change Groups
Due to security settings, only administrators and managers can change groups or disconnect from the current TimeClock Server. If a worker needs permission to log out of the current group, you will need to make them a manager of a group and customize their access in the Configure Display Groups window.

When to Change Display Groups
Companies change display groups for many of reasons, but the common reasons are for displaying different shifts on the In & Out Board and to display workers at different locations.

How to Change Groups

To change the display group in User mode, select Logout of Display Group from the File menu and enter a manager or administrator password. Choose a group from the popup menu and select Login. You may be required to enter a password depending on security settings for the group. For complete steps, review the Changing Groups Knowledge Base article.

Note: For the Network Edition you can create a group password unique to each display group, allowing managers to log into a group they are not a manager of. You can add a group password in the Configure Display Groups window.


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