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Cap Accrued Leave Hours with Virtual TimeClock 18

December 11, 2017

Setting a maximum leave award for the year is becoming more common, so we introduced the ability to set a leave cap in Virtual TimeClock 18. This addition to our powerful leave tracking features provides greater control and flexibility of employee leave awards.

Stay Compliant With Leave Accrual Laws
Many cities and some states are passing laws requiring employers to award sick leave to part-time and full -time employees based on their hours worked. Some examples of places sick leave laws are currently in affect are California, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington. Check the employment laws in your area and use Virtual TimeClock to stay compliant and correctly award your employees leave hours.

Customize Leave Awards in Virtual TimeClock
We've added the ability to set a maximum leave award for the Based on Hours Worked frequency. If you’re new to the leave tracking feature of Virtual TimeClock, review our Overview of Leave Tracking Knowledge Base article.

Below is an example of the Configure Leave Awards window with the Based on Hours Worked award frequency selected and an example of what the award might look like. You can see that an award has been added based on the California law that awards one hour of leave for every 30 hours worked with a maximum of 24 hours annually.

Virtual TimeClock Leave Cap
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