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Are Your Time Cards Slowing Down?

April 26, 2012

We sometimes hear from customers who are having speed issues with their time clock. Here's a recent example. They’ve been using the Virtual TimeClock Network Edition for about 4 months to keep track of time spent on different projects. They have about 50 employees changing activities numerous times throughout the day. The customer noticed it was taking longer and longer for them to run activity reports. After poking around for a couple of minutes we discovered they had never closed a payroll period. His response is one I hear often, “I didn’t know I was supposed to.” We brought his payroll period current and his reports are lightning fast again.
Most businesses follow the following steps to prepare employee hours for payroll processing and start a new payroll period:

  1. Review employee timecards
  2. Edit employee hours
  3. Process payroll
  4. Close payroll period

If you’ve never closed a payroll period, you’ll want to verify your payroll settings first. Go to the Configure control panel and choose Payroll Period. Set your payroll frequency (how often you get paid) and the current period start date. Learn more about closing payroll in our Payroll Knowledge Base articles.

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