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Virtual TimeClock ’10 Release 1.1 Optimized for Large Organizations

Employee time clock software update brings dramatic optimizations for large businesses while enhancing the overall experience for all users.

Fresno, CA - May 12, 2010 – Virtual TimeClock ‘10 Release 1.1 shipped with over twenty-five enhancements that improve overall time clock software performance and reliability. Several speed optimizations dramatically improve usability of Virtual TimeClock in large organizations managing many thousands of employees. Virtual TimeClock ‘10R1.1 is a free update for all Virtual TimeClock ’10 users and is available directly from Redcort Software.

The new version is an important update based on extensive user feedback of January’s Virtual TimeClock '10 release. The 1.1 update enhances program security, addresses several cosmetic issues when running sophisticated timecard reports, and simplifies the creation and management of program users.

While organizations using Virtual TimeClock usually range from a few employees to several hundred, occasionally Virtual TimeClock is asked to rise to a new level of performance. Such was the case this past spring when a school district in Texas decided to expand their Virtual TimeClock users from three campuses to nearly three dozen. "I was excited when our customer asked us to help them roll out Virtual TimeClock to over thirty-thousand users" said Jeff Morrow, Technical Support Manager at Redcort Software. "I was impressed by Virtual TimeClock's scalability and performance when they decided to serve all their users from a single Virtual TimeClock database."

Managing such a massive number of users provided invaluable feedback and several opportunities for optimizations that are included in the new Virtual TimeClock '10 Release 1.1. One of the more dramatic speed improvements is in user importing. Optimizations enabled an import of fifteen thousand users to decrease from a little over two hours to well under one minute in the new release. Similar optimizations and enhancements were also achieved when managing massive user lists and worker display groups. Taken together, these optimizations ensure a robust and refined Virtual TimeClock experience for users in any size business.

Details on the Virtual TimeClock employee time clock program update, as well as a free Virtual TimeClock software trial are available at the Redcort Software web site.

Pricing and Availability
Virtual TimeClock is available directly from Redcort Software in Basic, Pro and Network Editions. Pricing for Virtual TimeClock '10 starts at $99 (USD). Discounted upgrade pricing is available for users of prior releases of Virtual TimeClock software. Full pricing details are available online at the Redcort Software store.

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