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Eliminate Unwanted Employee Overtime with Virtual TimeClock ’11

New time clock software release provides powerful shift and scheduling rules to control employee punch times.

Fresno, CA - January 18, 2011 – Businesses of every size have a new time clock software tool that eliminates undesirable employee overtime costs with today's release of Virtual TimeClock '11 from Redcort Software. Employers can now prevent or restrict clock in and out times based on employee shifts, instantly track late arrivals, and view shift reports and summaries to reduce overtime costs and more easily manage employee time and attendance.

"Our customers tell us a top concern is to eliminate the high cost of unnecessary and unauthorized employee overtime," said Keith DeLong, CEO of Redcort Software. "The new controls we integrated into Virtual TimeClock '11 gives them new tools to easily manage employee time clock use according to powerful new employee shifts and schedule rules."

Dr. Michael Broome of Advanced Veterinary Imaging in California has been using Virtual TimeClock for over ten years. "The powerful network features built into Virtual Timeclock Pro allow our company to centralize the time clock functionality of multiple distant facilities using a single server version of the software." Broome continued, "We've been eagerly anticipating the ability to prevent employees from clocking in early or clocking out beyond their scheduled shifts. The continued development of Virtual TimeClock, including the ongoing addition of new features like we see in Virtual TimeClock ‘11, has ensured our loyalty to this product."

Virtual TimeClock '11 new overtime control features allow employees to record an early clock in as their shift start time or prevent early clock ins altogether. Allowing users to clock in early but not starting until their actual shift start time is called a 'Courtesy Clock In'. Early clock ins can be overridden by a manager with a new security access setting. Clock out restrictions work in a similar fashion to control late clock outs, including a new automatic clock out feature. Assigning shifts to employee schedules, calculating shift differentials, shift and late arrival reports are some of the new features that compliment these new clock in and out rules.

A complete list of Virtual TimeClock ‘11 new features is available at the Redcort Software web site.

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A fully functional free trial of Virtual TimeClock software is available directly from the Redcort Software web site in Basic, Pro and Network Editions at www.redcort.com.

Pricing and Availability
Pricing for Virtual TimeClock '11 starts at $99 (USD). Discounted upgrade pricing is available for users of prior releases of Virtual TimeClock software. Full pricing details are available online at the Redcort Software store.

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