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Windows Server 2003 Support

June 4, 2015

Like Windows XP in 2014, Microsoft will be ending support for its Server 2003 platform on July 14, 2015. So what does that mean? According to Microsoft’s website, their programming team will no longer be updating security patches for vulnerabilities discovered after that date. The implications should not be overlooked for those running databases and storing files on this server platform. The solution from Microsoft is to upgrade to Microsoft Server 2012R2, Azure, or Office 365. The lesson here is that upgrading is a part of life in today's fast-paced and technology infused world. Even bicycles today have firmware upgrades. People may balk at the cost of upgrading and not care for the aesthetic changes in the latest release, but in today’s mobile, data driven, and financially centered world, system security is a top priority for developers  and business owners alike. That's an important reason to consider any upgrade.

Virtual TimeClock Network Edition 15 runs on all the latest Mac and Windows operating systems and incorporates the latest encryption technology to securely communicate between the server and clients, thus paving the way for Virtual TimeClock Mobile Edition currently in development.

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