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Replacing Centralized Employee Punch Clock

August 7, 2020

Are you looking for an alternative to your central employee time clock? In the wake of COVID-19, many businesses around the US are reopening their offices and looking for creative ways to navigate physical distancing guidelines with their employees. For many businesses, one of the main high-touch areas in the office is the punch clock. Centralized time clocks typically require that employees gather in one area to clock in and out and often touch common surfaces. Modern time tracking software can be installed on individual employee workstations as an alternative to the central time clock system.

Worry-Free Employee Time Tracking
The Network edition of Virtual TimeClock allows you to install the time clock application on individual worker computers without worrying about time clock manipulation. When employees punch in and out from their own workstation, they will not be able to change their start and stop times. This ensures that timecards are 100% accurate and unbiased.

Control Time Clock Use
Whether you need to track late arrivals or prevent employees from punching in early and accruing overtime, Virtual TimeClock provides shift rules and reporting that can be used to monitor and control time clock use. Find out more about using our software to prevent time theft in this recent support blog article.

Simple, Easy to Use Interface
We work hard to make Virtual TimeClock simple to use and easy to manage. Employees can punch in for the day in a matter of seconds using the color-coded, intuitive time clock interface. Administrators can easily add missed punches or edit timecard entries with just a few clicks. Find out just how easy Virtual TimeClock is to use.

Get Started with a Free Trial Today
We provide a free trial of Virtual TimeClock with no obligation and no credit card required. Download a free trial to see if our time tracking program is a good fit for your business. No time for a free trial? Give us a call or drop us a note and we can help you decide if Virtual TimeClock would be a good fit for your needs.