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ADP eTimecard Alternative

May 21, 2018

ADP®1 is discontinuing their eTimecard solution which means ADP users can either switch to the more expensive ADP Time and Attendance module or look for a new time tracking solution. If you're looking to replace eTimecard and save money, it's time to consider Virtual TimeClock. 

Stop Paying Monthly Fees

Paying for a monthly time clock subscription is expensive. The new ADP Time and Attendance module is a flat $50/month for 1-9 users and additional employees are $2.60 each. This means tracking time for 10 employees is over $600 a year with ADP. Don't get stuck with unending monthly or yearly fees. While the ADP Time and Attendance module may be less expensive up front, the total cost over time is exponentially higher than purchasing Virtual TimeClock. For more information, check out this illustrated cost comparison of purchasing vs renting software.

Trust Over 20 Years of Excellence
Time and attendance software with best-in-class customer support has been our focus for over two decades now. We talk with customers regularly who could be using the time clock provided by their payroll or management software, but value the quality and features of Virtual TimeClock. Trust hundreds of user reviews >

To get started with your free, fully-functional trial visit our Free Trial page today, no credit card required and no obligations. Complete pricing can be found on our store page. If you have any other questions or for more information, please give us a call or drop us a note!

1. ADP and eTimecard are registered trademarks of Automatic Data Process, Inc. Redcort is not affilicated in any way with Automatic Data Process Inc. in any way.

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