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Virtual TimeClock 18 Release 1.1

Our first automatic update for Virtual TimeClock 18 is a maintenance release that includes several bug fixes and improvements. If you have not yet upgraded to Version 18, visit our upgrade guide for more information. In Version 18, you can check for updates by selecting Check for Updates from the Help menu on Windows computers or the About Virtual TimeClock menu on Mac computers. Additionally, your software will check for updates on program startup, ensuring you are always notified about the latest release.

For full Version 18.1 release notes click here. Below you will find detailed release notes for this minor release:
‚Äč18 Release 1.1   (January 18, 2018)
Basic, Pro & Network Edition
  • When an administrator or manager modifies the time when clocking In or Out, the entry is logged and flagged with an 'M' on detail reports.
  • Closing a payroll period no longer errors when there are unresolved timecard errors after the close date.
  • The alignment of the date and time fields in the User Status window is now correct.
  • The View menu command key to 'Increase Font Size' works in Windows editions.
  • Automatic software updates no longer error when the computer is not connected to a network.
  • Internet Time Server errors are intercepted earlier and reported more gracefully. 
Network Edition
All of the above changes, plus:
  • Running timecard reports no longer errors if the program attempts to update the time.
  • Attempting to connect to an older TimeClock Server no longer freezes the program.
  • Dropped network connections are intercepted earlier and automatically reconnected.
  • Failed network connections are intercepted earlier and reported more gracefully.
  • The program now informs you if your computer is not connected to a network.