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Approving Timecards

There are about as many ways to approve employee timecards as there are different businesses needing to track employee hours. You may even use different methods for approving timecards across your business. However, here are several tried and true methods for approving timecards that we consistently run across.

Print & Sign - This is the old school method that involves employees printing out their own timecards and signing off that the punch times recorded are an accurate reflection of their actual hours worked. Employee supervisors can then countersign the timecards showing that they concur.

Supervisor Approval - With this method, the supervisor reviews individual timecards and then prints out a summary report and signs off before submitting the report for payroll processing.

Electronic Approval - This is the most popular method of approving timecards. Supervisors review individual employee timecards and then send a time clock message to the payroll coordinator stating that their employee hours are ready to be submitted for payroll processing.