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Year-End Leave Carryover

December 12, 2013

There seems to be no shortage of things to worry about at the end of the year. And if your employee benefits are based on the calendar year, nothing seems to concern staff more than how many vacation hours they can carry over into the next benefit year. Of course, the key to knowing how many vacation hours an employee can carry over is in knowing how much vacation time they have left!

Here's the year-end leave carry over process based on a January 1 leave award anniversary:

  1. Run the Accrued and Used Leave report through 12/31 for all or a selected worker.
  2. The Balance column should reflect any carryover from the previous benefit year, plus accrued hours for the current benefit year, minus the used hours for the current benefit year for each leave category.
  3. Click on Leave Awards, located in the Report Preview’s toolbar. Enter the new carryover hours (Balance) in the Carryover Hours section for each leave category.
  4. Update any accrual rates based on your business rules. For example, employees with 5 years of service receive an extra week of paid vacation.

If the balance is negative, this means the worker has used more leave than what was accrued for that leave category. You can still enter the carryover hours as a negative balance to be included in the totals for the new benefit year. If your business rules do not allow the carry over of unused leave, then there's nothing further you need to do. Accrual of leave benefits will automatically begin again with the new benefit year.

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