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Using Time Clock Software as In/Out Board

March 4, 2011

One of the powerful features that makes Virtual TimeClock much more than a punch clock replacement is its use as a virtual in/out board. It's easy to tell what activity employees are working on while they're on the clock, when they're at lunch or on break, and when they've left for the day. When you stop work, you'll be prompted to choose an out memo. This updates the virtual in/board by recording if an employee has left for the day or is just out at an appointment. Out memos are temporary and are not included on timecard reports.

Employees can also create a one-time custom memo when stopping work like 'Back by 3 PM'. These custom memos don't become part of the out memo selection list but are a great tool for fully utilizing the in/out board function of your employee time clock software.

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