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Upgrading Pro to Network Edition

May 4, 2011

I hope your business is thriving despite these tough economic times. If you do need to hire more employees, your Virtual TimeClock software will scale right alongside the growth of your business. If you're running the Pro Edition, employee time clock software for a single computer, then you can add additional time clock users at no additional cost. If it's time to start running time clocks on multiple computers, then you'll want to upgrade to the Network Edition. This gives employees the convenience of clocking in and out from multiple locations, and managers the benefit of being able to monitor employees from home or process payroll while on the road.

At some point, there becomes a practical limit to how many employees can clock in and out from the same computer time clock so we've made it easy to go from Pro to Network Edition. The Network Edition will even open a Pro database, so you won't lose any of your old time clock data. You just need to decide which computer will run the time clock server software. This can be your business server computer, or just another workstation. The time clock client software gets installed on all the other computers that need a time clock. If the new time clock server will be installed on the same workstation you were running Pro on, then it will automatically find your Pro database. If it's going to be installed on a different computer, then you'll need to make a backup of your Pro database and restore it on the new server computer using the built-in Virtual TimeClock utilities. The instructions for moving your time clock will help you with this quick and easy process.

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