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Tracking Timecard Changes

February 14, 2013

Virtual TimeClock keeps a record of events caused by both system and user activity. It automatically keeps track of when administration is turned on, when modifications to employee timecards are made, when manual and leave entries are added, and when payroll periods are closed. The program audit logs will tell you when the event occurred, the user who triggered the event, and what happened. The audit logs list the before and after details of timecard entries, which allows you to compare the original and the modified information. This can help management determine if the changes were made according to your business rules. It's also easy to export your program logs directly to your desktop for further analysis. You can open them with a text editor and search for keywords, dates, or users.

‚ÄčIf you're running Virtual TimeClock Network Edition, then you'll want to check the logs on your TimeClock Server. Launch Virtual TimeClock Server and click Logs on the toolbar. If you're running Virtual TimeClock Pro, then you can check your program logs from Configuration.

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