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Tracking Time Spent at Different Office Locations

April 25, 2014

If you have multiple office locations and you'd like to keep track of how much time your employees spend at each of the locations, it's easy to do with activities. Maybe it's a satellite clinic and you're curious as to whether it's cost effective to keep that particular clinic open. Maybe you treat your different locations as separate cost centers and you need to allocate resources accordingly. By using activities, you'll be able to see the hours split out separately on employee timecards and be able to take advantage of the built-in activity reports.

If you don't already have your locations split out by display groups, you'll want to do that first. Turn on admin and go to Configure, then Display Groups. Create a display group for each location and assign the users that work at those locations. You should leave the default display group of TimeClock Users that contains all employees. Next go to Configure, then Activities. Create a new activity that represents each location and assign that activity to the corresponding display group. For example, "Clovis Store" activity gets assigned to the "Clovis Store" display group. You'll also want to make the default activity "In" inactive so it no longer gets used.

Finally, you'll need to logout of the time clock server from the File menu of your time clock client and log back in under the display group that corresponds to that time clock location.

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