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Timecard Detail vs. Timecard Daily

July 26, 2014

Virtual TimeClock has over a dozen built-in timecard reports that allow you to slice and dice your time clock data just about any way you want to. However, there are several reports that don't seem that different at first glance so you may not know when to use one over the other. The two reports I'm referring to are the Timecard Detail report and the Timecard Daily report.

The Timecard Detail report is the default worker timecard. It compiles a timecard for each individual employee's hours, overtime, and paid leave for the selected dates. It also contains a signature line allowing the employee to certify that the hours listed are an accurate record of all time worked during the pay period. This report can appear quite busy if you're also keeping track of employee lunches, breaks, and activities. The Timecard Daily report summarizes the employee hours for each day by only including the first start and final stop time of their shift. You can choose to include breaks & lunches or remove them from the report as well. This leaves you with a compact timecard without sacrificing the vital information needed to monitor your employee time and attendance.

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