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Time Clock Software Implementation Strategies

September 8, 2010

New Virtual TimeClock software users often ask us the best way to get their new employee time clock software off the ground and running smoothly. Since we've been helping businesses with their time and attendance needs for over 20 years, we usually have some suggestions! So here are some ideas and strategies for implementing your new employee time tracking system.

Previous Time Tracking Methods
How you were handling employee time tracking before plays a role in how employees, both workers and management, will respond to the new time and attendance system. Generally speaking, if employees were accustomed to going to a central location to punch in, like an employee break room, then they'll have a fairly easy time adapting to time clock software running on a computer in any central and convenient location. In other words, the habit of going to a dedicated place for punching in has already been established.

Companies that have been using paper timesheets to track employee attendance may experience a tougher transition. This is mostly due to the fact that most employees have not been held accountable for their time, and are likely filling out timesheets the day before payroll is due.

Time Clock Software Implementation Strategies
A common scenario, especially for larger businesses, is to go live with the new time and attendance system with only part of the staff. This gives you time to fine tune security settings and processes based on your business workflow and rules before rolling the system out to all of your employees. It also allows you the opportunity to experiment with different time clock station locations while impacting a minimum amount of staff. One of the keys to a successful implementation is making time clock stations easily accessible.

Since the early adopters become familiar with both the software and any new processes, they become excellent trainers for their colleagues that are to follow later. This staged deployment has several practical benefits, especially for larger organizations.

I hope this provides you with some ideas for deploying your new employee time clock software.

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