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Time Clock Software Error 13 and 14

December 2, 2010

Virtual TimeClock uses an efficient, fast and reliable SQL database engine. This means data corruption is virtually non-existent. However, hardware failure can certainly influence the integrity of your payroll time clock. That's why it's so important to back up your punch clock software regularly. Cryptic error messages can be alarming, so Virtual TimeClock will always return a very specific error code if there's a problem reading or writing to the database. Customers report the following error codes several times a year.

Error 13 - Insertion failed because database is full
This error is a result of a full hard disk. It's usually encountered when trying to clock in or out because there's no more room on the computer hard drive for the new record. It most commonly happens when running your time and attendance software on an older computer. You'll need to move Virtual TimeClock (the Virtual TimeClock Server if you're using the Network Edition) to a different computer or try and free up some space on the hard disk.

Error 14 - Unable to open the database file
This error is encountered when launching the program and will occur for one of two reasons. The most common is because the database has been moved to a different computer and permissions have changed on the database file or the database folder. Make sure the database file and database folder have read & write permissions for everyone. The second reason you may see this error is because the database file is no longer in the location that the program is looking for it, or the name of the database file has changed.

Although errors with your employee time clock are rare, it's important to report them so we can help you quickly get your time clock software up and going again.

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