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Time Clock for Second Location

June 28, 2013

Growth is a good thing, especially if it means your business is expanding. Virtual Time Clock is flexible enough to grow with your business. I often talk to business owners who are opening a second location and want to know what they need for an employee time clock. We go through several questions to come up with the best solution.

  1. Is the second location a separate business entity? A good clue is if it has a unique tax ID. If it does, you may want to run another Pro Edition that's independent of the time clock at the original location.
  2. Will employees be working at both locations? This is an important question because if employees work at both locations, you'll want a single employee time card. Otherwise, weekly overtime totals won't be correct. This means the best solution would be networked time clocks.
  3. How's the Internet access? If both locations have stable Internet then the Network Edition is the way to go. If not, it might be less frustrating to go with stand alone time clocks.

Just asking these simple questions about your business will help determine which time clock will best meet your time & attendance needs.

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