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Time Clock Database Errors

March 21, 2013

Virtual TimeClock uses a SQL database engine that is compact, fast, and extremely reliable. The only time we ever hear of database issues is when a hard disk starts to fail. Even then, most of the time we're still able to recover the time clock software data.

Virtual TimeClock will return very specific error codes if there’s a problem reading or writing to the database. Although uncommon, the following error codes are ones you may encounter.

Error 13 – Insertion failed because database is full
This error is a result of a full database. You'll need to move Virtual TimeClock Pro or Virtual TimeClock Server to a different computer or try to free up some space on the hard disk.

Error 14 – Unable to open the database file
The most common reason this error occurs is because you've moved your time clock to a different computer and permissions have changed on the database file or the database folder. Make sure the database file and database folder have read & write permissions for everyone. Using your time clock software's built-in database backup and restore utilities will take care of all the permission settings for you.

A second reason you may see this error is because you've moved the database file to a different folder location, or you've renamed the database file itself. If you get yourself into trouble, contact us because we can help you!

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